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Hopefully the below FAQs can answer any questions or problems you may have. If not, please email

(1) I cannot find pictures for an ITV programme?

We do not generate publicity stills for all ongoing, current or forthcoming shows on ITV, but rather cover the shows as directed through our programme priority system.  Furthermore, some images may be placed exclusively with specific magazines, newspapers or web sites. 

(2) Who do I contact about a certain programme?

Simply click on the i icon under an image thumbnail to reveal the image caption information and the relevant picture publicist working on that show.

(3) What are embargo dates and when can I publish images in print or online?

All pictures are embargoed from publication until certain dates before the transmission of the programme (Window of Use). Always check the i caption info to see if Specific Embargo dates apply (especially Coronation Street and Emmerdale). If no embargo is mentioned, then the image is embargoed from publication in line with General Embargo dates as listed under our Terms and Conditions section  4.1 - 4.4.

(4) Where can I get corporate pictures of ITV plc senior staff and management?

Please email your request and the print or website you work for to

(5) Where can I get programme clips?

The ITV Picture desk does not distribute programmes clips. For programmes currently on air, clips may be available via the Press Officer assigned to promote the relevant programme. lists which programmes are being promoted and the relevant contact.  For programmes that have already transmitted, try If ITV does not have the licensing rights post-transmission, try the production company who made the programme.  

(6) Where can I get ITV channels logos?

The ITV Picture desk does not distribute ITV channels logos due to style guidelines.  Please visit

(7) Where can I get further information for a programme?

Visit for up to date programme information. Due to our programme prioritisation system, the ITV Press Office provides publicity support for certain programmes only, so PI (Programme Information) for some programme may not be available.  Media can subscribe to receive full ITV Channels Listings (Billings) via subscription to services such as Ericsson

(8) When is the ITV Picture Desk manned?

Normal office hours are 9.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

(9) What is the ITV Picture Desk postal address?

ITV Picture Desk, 20th Floor, ITV, The London Television Centre, Southbank, London, SE1 9LT.

(10) Can you give any advice on downloading zip files?

Ensure that you are in Grid View to download all the images on the page (you need to download separate zip files for each page of images). A unique zip file name is generated for each zip file. You can rename the zip file, but ensure the .zip extension is included.

When the zip is downloading, you will be able to see how much is downloading and the total amount to download.

For PC users, the zip folder may not auto-unzip the downloaded folder. To unzip, open the zip folder and click File>Extract All. This will unzip the high resolution images. Bin the zip folder.

(11) Can you give any advice on using the Lightbox?

Ensure you are in Grid View if you want to download a whole page of images.